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Mind Body Spirit

Cared for as One

Personalised treatments for total relaxation and beauty.

Our therapists are all trained in Reiki and are experienced beauty professionals, ensuring you will be happy with your treatment and leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Our Therapists



Mel is a mum and a massage, spa loving girl. She’s passionate about all things health and wellness and is trained in Reiki.

Mel comes from NZ with a background in day spas, massage and facials and is highly trained in all aspects of beauty.



Kendall has almost 20 years of experience as a beauty therapist and is trained in Reiki, Sclerology, Iridology, and Wellness coaching.

She is passionate about a holistic approach to inner health and natural beauty.

Our Signature Treatment

Sacred Moments Ritual

Embracing holistic health & wellness, taking relaxation to a whole new level.

Spa Philosophy has created a beautiful Signature Treatment to celebrate you!

Incorporating Reiki, an old Japanese healing technique, where we gently place our hands on your body for total relaxation & stress release to calm & harmonise your mind, body & spirit. Joining this with our Sensory Journey Facial, rejoice in the benefits of this unique, holistic treatment.

Everybody has different skin so that’s why every beauty ritual is designed and customised to the unique needs of your skin and lifestyle. Let us take you on a sensory journey, an essential escape from a stress filled busy life, restoring balance and harmony to the mind, body, soul and SKIN.

All Services

Health Consultations

Complementary 15min Iridology Consult

15 mins

Iridology and Health consult

30 mins$99

Full 1 Hour Iridology/Sclerology and Health consult

1 hour$149

Spa Packages

Floral foot Spa & Waterlily Spa Facial

1 hour, 30 mins$189

Love You Package

2 hours, 20 mins$220

New You Package

1 hour$1499

Pure You Package

3 hours, 30 mins$425

Style You Package

2 hours, 15 mins$250

Full Body Massage, sauna, foot soak and high tea.

2 hours$180

Add on - High Tea (1 person)

30 mins$25

Reiki & Body Treatments

Reiki 15mins

15 mins$40

Reiki 1/2 hour

30 mins$70

Reiki 1 hour

1 hour$130

Lime Caviar Body Wrap

1 hour$184

Full Body Exfoliation and Moisturise

45 mins$149

Add on - Orange Creme Hair Masque (with treatment)

20 mins$40

Add on - Wellness Massage (with treatment)

45 mins$99

4-Pack Wraps

1 hour$720


Back Neck and Shoulders massage

30 mins$75

Clarifying Back Treatment

45 mins$85

Full Body Massage

1 hour$135

Couples Massage

1 hour$130

Add on - Reiki (with treatment)

20 mins$45

Add on - 1/2 hour Reflexology

30 mins$50

Spa Facial Rituals

Sacred Moments Ritual (Facial + Reiki)

1 hour, 35 mins$199

Waterlily Seasonal Facial

1 hour, 15 mins$169

Go and Glow Introduction to Dr Spiller

40 mins$95

Dr Spiller Enzyme Facial (60min)

1 hour$140

Dr Spiller Pamper Facial (75mins)

1 hour, 15 mins$170

Dr Spiller Signature Facial

1 hour, 30 mins$220

Add on - Ampoule

5 mins$25

Add on - Anti-ageing eye treatment

20 mins$40

Add on - Collagen mask upgrade

20 mins$30

Add on - Petite Spa Facial

30 mins$60

Add on - Raspberry and Rose Hand Treatment

15 mins$30

Herbal Aktiv Peel

Complementary Consultation - Herbal Peel

30 mins$0

First Herbal Peel

1 hour, 30 mins$699

Additional Herbal Peel

1 hour, 15 mins$429

B-Younger Peel

1 hour, 15 mins$220

B-Younger Peel PLUS (includes enzyme peel & collagen mask)

1 hour, 30 mins$259

Herbal peel Pack - New You pack

1 hour, 15 mins$1499

Add on - B-peel to neck

30 mins$40

Hands & Feet

Barefoot Botanical Indulgence

1 hour$95

Barefoot Botanical Indulgence w/ mask

1 hour, 15 mins$105

File/Buff and Polish

20 mins$45

Petite Spa Manicure

30 mins$55

Manicure + Shellac Polish

1 hour, 10 mins$95

Moroccan Rose Hand Treatment

45 mins$65

Moroccan Rose Hand Treatment w/ mask

1 hour$75

Add on - Plus Polish to Toes or Fingernails

20 mins$15

Pedicure + Shellac

1 hour, 15 mins$130

Shellac on fingernails

45 mins$55

Shellac on Toes

45 mins$55

Shellac Removal

30 mins$35

Shellac Removal + Re-do

1 hour$80

Foot massage upgrade

10 mins$15


Bridal Trial

1 hour, 30 mins$99

Bridal Wedding Day

1 hour$90

Formal/Glamour Make up

1 hour$90

1/2hr Pretty up make-up

30 mins$55

1.5hr Lesson/focus

1 hour, 30 mins$99

Lash Application

15 mins$10


Vintage Eye Pack (brow wax, brow tint, lash tint, eye mask, eye massage)

1 hour$89

Eye Combo (brow wax, brow tint, lash tint)

30 mins$65

Eye Brow Wax

15 mins$35

1st Specialist Brow Shape

30 mins$45

Eye Brow Tint

10 mins$20

Eye Lash Tint

15 mins$25

Sides face wax

10 mins$18

Full Face Wax

25 mins$50

Chin and Sides

15 mins$25

Chin Wax

10 mins$18

Lip Wax

10 mins$20

Brazilian - First time

1 hour$78

Brazilian - 3-4 weekly

30 mins$65

Bikini Wax

20 mins$34

G-String Wax

20 mins$40

Half Leg Wax

30 mins$45

3/4 Leg Wax

45 mins$49

Top Leg wax

30 mins$44

Top Leg & Bikini

45 mins$65

Full Leg Wax

1 hour$65

Full Leg & Bikini

1 hour$78

Full Leg & G-String wax

1 hour, 15 mins$85

Underarm Wax

15 mins$25

3/4 Arm

25 mins$30

Full Arm

30 mins$38

Mens Back Wax

40 mins$65

Mens Chest

50 mins$70

Mens Back/Chest combo

1 hour$105

Mens Full Leg

1 hour$89

Mens Ears

10 mins$20

Mens Eye Brow Wax

20 mins$25

Mens Neck

10 mins$25

Mens Nose Wax

10 mins$20

WaxPack1 (EBW,U/arm,Bik,1/2leg)

1 hour$125

WaxPack2 (EBW,FLeg,Braz)

1 hour, 15 mins$155

WaxPack3 (EComb,Lip,U/arm,1/2Leg)

1 hour$145


Sauna Single

30 mins$45

Sauna 5-Pack

30 mins$200

Sauna 10-Pack

30 mins$350

Detoxification Pack

5 mins$420

Add on - Complimentary Sauna (Towel & Shower)

30 mins$10

Add on - Sauna + treatment

30 mins$35

What our Clients Say …

This is one of the most relaxing and intoxicatingly delicious facials I have ever had.

From the moment I arrived I felt like I was engulfed in an ball of positively radient energy.

I can not thank you enough. I will be back and you are worth so much more than 5 stars.


Just had one of the best facial and spa treatments of my life at Spa Philosophy.

Kendall is an amazing therapist who combines beautiful naturally based state of the art treatments with skill and care and some thoughtful luxury touches.

Can’t rate this place highly enough.


Inside is absolutely beautiful – elegant, beautiful and relaxing. My massage was incredible. I didn’t want it to end but didn’t feel rushed out either.

While you wait, use that time to switch off and relax in the waiting area with a delicious herbal tea or yummy treat. Absolutely amazing place! Can’t recommend enough.


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